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A guide to assist in locating and researching children's and young adult literature.


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Children's Literature @ Staley Library

The Juvenile Collection:  At Staley Library, the children's and young adult books are located in their own special area, called the "Juvenile Collection." 

Location:  These books, with the exception of newly purchased items (which are shelved next to the cafe), are located on the fourth floor of the University Commons.


Call Numbers:  Most books in the juvenile collection begin their call numbers with the letters JUV. PZ7, the Library of Congress call number for juvenile literature.  Within this call number, the books are basically arranged by author last name, which is designated by the next line of the call number, a combination of letters and numbers (the letter standing for the first letter of the author's last name).

Other call numbers within the juvenile collection correspond to other subjects in the Library of Congress call number system.  For example, the Library of Congress code for books about music is "ML," therefore, books in the juvenile collection about music topics would start with JUV. ML.

JUV. BL-BX = juvenile books about Religion

JUV. D = juvenile books about Old World History (Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.)

JUV. E & F = juvenile books about New World history (United States, Central America, South America, Canada)

JUV. ML = juvenile books about Music & Musicians

JUV. N = juvenile books about Art & Artists

JUV. PZ7 = juvenile Literature & Poetry (most of the call numbers in the collection begin with this designation)

JUV. PZ8 = Fairy Tales, Fables, & Stories in Rhyme

JUV. PZ10.3 = Animal Stories

JUV. Q = juvenile books on Science

New Children's & YA Books @ Staley Library

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