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TH234 - Design & Production Seminar: Home

Resources to assist TH234 students in their design project for "The White Plague" by Karel Capek.



Disease/Virus/Bacteria/Leprosy-Hansen's Disease/Plague/Influenza

Mass graves

(1920s) European slums


Dictator(s)/Authoritarian regimes (possible specific examples like Hitler, Franco, or Mussolini)


20th century (early 20th century) medicine/medical treatments/science/doctors/hospitals

1930s- architecture/design/furniture/fashion/hair

Propaganda/propagandist art

Youth culture (in the 1930s?)


Demographics/social class/upper class/lower class/rich/poor

Pacifist/pacifism/peace movements


Primary & Reference Sources- Print

Print Periodicals (2nd floor):

If you want to look at images from the 1930's forward, old issues of periodicals may be useful to you.

  • Time Pictures of the general public, advertisements. From 1937-1960 are bound, 1960-1961 on microfilm, 1961-present are bound.

History Books (2nd floor):

Since history books usually contain photographs, search the online catalog for history books relating to the era, country, or event you are researching to see images of people in the popular fashions and hairstyles of the era.

Reference Books (2nd floor):

Costume Design

Please see this separate guide for fashion/costume design resources:

Scenic Design

Image Databases/Websites

Primary Sources- Online

Lighting & Sound

What is Copyright?

The Copyright Information Center from Cornell University has good information on Copyright Basics and a Fair Use Checklist.

Copyright and Fair Use FAQ from Stanford University's Copyright and Fair Use Center includes extensive information on copyright law, including fair use, the public domain, and academic & educational permissions.

The video below, from the Copyright Clearance Center gives a basic overview of concepts related to copyright law.


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