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Physics & Astronomy: Books

A guide to physics and astronomy research at Staley Library.

Browsing the Collection

While we recommend starting your search with our book catalog (see box to the right), sometimes, it can be useful to simply scan our shelves to review what the library owns.  Here is where you will find Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics books:

Subclass QC: Physics

QC 1-999: Physics

QC 1-75: General

QC 81-114: Weights and measures

QC 120-168.85 Descriptive and experimental mechanics

QC 170-197: Atomic physics.  Constitution and properties of matter. (Includes molecular physics, relativity, quantum theory, and solid state physics).

QC 221-246: Acoustics.  Sound

QC 251-338.5: Heat

QC 310.15-319: Thermodynamics

QC 350-467: Optics.  Light

QC 450-467: Spectroscopy

QC 474-496.9: Radiation physics (general)

QC 501-766: Electricity and magnetism

QC 501-721: Electricity

QC 669-675.8: Electromagnetic theory

QC 676-678.6: Radio waves (Theory)

QC 701-715.4: Electric discharge

QC 717.6-718.8: Plasma physics.  Ionized gases

QC 750-766: Magnetism

QC 770-798: Nuclear and partical physics.  Atomic energy.  Radioactivity

QC 793-793.5: Elementary partical physics

QC 794.95-798: Radioactivity and radioactive substances

QC 801-809: Geophysics.  Cosmic physics

QC 811-849: Geomagnetism

QC 851-999: Meterology. Climatology (inlcuding the earth's atmosphere)

QC 974.5-976: Meteorological optics

QC 980-999: Climatology and weather

QC 994.95-9999: Weather forecasting

Subclass QB: Astronomy

QB 1-991: Astronomy

QB 1-139: General

QB 140-237: Practical and spherical astronomy

QB 275-343: Geodesy

QB 349-421: Theoretical astronomy and celestial mechanics

QB 455-456: Astrogeology

QB 460-466: Astrophysics

QB 468-480: Non-optical methods of astronomy

QB 495-903: Descriptive astronomy

QB 500.5-785: Solar system

QB 799-903: Stars

OB 980-991: Cosmogony.  Cosmology

Subclass Q: General Science

Q 1-390: General Science

Subclass QA: Mathematics

QA 1-939: Mathematics

QA 1-43: General

QA 47-59: Tables

QA 71-90: Instruments and machines

QA 75-76.95: Calculating machines

QA 75.5-76.95: Electronic computers.  Computer science

QA 76.75-76.795: Computer software

QA 101-145: Elementary Mathematics.  Arithmetic

QA 150-272.5: Algebra

QA 273-280: Probabilities.  Mathematical statistics

QA 299.6-433: Analysis

QA 440-699: Geometry.  Trigonometry.  Topology

QA 801-939: Analytic mechanics

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