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Linking to Database Content in Moodle: Gale

Guide to linking to articles, audio, & video in Moodle using persistent links.


Persistent Links in Gale

1) In Gale, locate the item you wish to link to and click on the title.

Gale search results

2)  On the next page, locate the "Get Link" on the upper, right side of the screen in the actions toolbar above the content.

Get Link

Click "Select" to highlight the link and ctrl + c to copy it.

Get Link

3)  In another tab, sign in to myMillikin and open your Moodle course.  Click "turn editing on."

4)  In the desired week/section of your Moodle course, click the option to "Add activity or resource."

Moodle- Add Activity or Resource

Next, choose "URL" from the list of options.

Moodle Add URL Option

5)  On the next screen, type in the information for the article in the "name" and "description" blanks (you may wish to copy and paste the citation from the database).

  • For example: Greenland, Paul. "Home Inventory Business: Eagle Eye Home Inventory Specialists, Inc." Business Plans Handbook, edited by Kristin B. Mallegg, vol. 34, Gale, 2015. Gale Business: Entrepreneurship, Accessed 18 June 2021.

Check the box, below the "Description," labeled "Display description on course page," if desired.

6)  In the box labeled "external URL," paste in the "Page Link" you copied earlier.

You must use the link from the Get Link option, (not just the URL in the browser) if you want students from off-campus to access the article.

Gale Moodle URL details

7)  Click "save and return to course." Test the link to make sure it works.

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