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IN151 - CWRR II - Glause: Books

Research resources and techniques for Dr. Glause's IN151 classes.

Basic Search

The easiest way to get started using Millikin Library Discovery is to type your keywords in the search box and click the green search icon (or type enter). You can also search by author, title, ISSN, or ISBN. The default search is the Search Starter which searches Staley Library's collection and many of Staley Library's databases.

search starter search box

Once you have entered your search terms, you can can use the drop down menu to select more specific searches such as Library Catalog for materials at Staley Library or All I-Share Libraries to search for materials in I-Share. There are two database search options, one for Articles (Ebsco databases) which encompasses most of our databases like Academic Search Complete and CINAHL Complete or Articles (non-Ebsco Databases). If you are looking for materials that are not in I-Share you can try the WorldCat Catalog search. Course Reserves finds items that are currently on reserve at Staley Library.

  In your searches you can use quotes to search for a particular phrase, e.g., "global warming," OR to search for synonyms, e.g., "Irish OR Celtic," and you can use NOT to exclude terms, e.g., "Obama NOT president."

There are also options for narrowing your search below the search box. You can limit by material type, by exact phrase or begins with, and you can search in a particular part of the record like the title, author, subject, or by ISBN. For example, you could search for a particular book by choosing "Books" "with my exact phrase" "in the title."

a library search with search options selected

Working With Your Results

Depending on where you have decided to search, you will see a mix of different types of resources: books, articles, videos, ebooks, music scores, etc. The type of resource will be indicated by the icon (or a picture of the cover) and a description above the title. Many of the items will be available electronically. Look for an Available Online link.

Millikin Library Discovery result for an online item

Materials that are available at Staley Library will show as Available with the location or will say Not available if they are already checked out or otherwise unavailable.

Millikin Library Discovery result for a book

If you are searching "All I-Share Libraries," you will see Check for available services under the item's information. Click the link to see if it is available from an I-Share library.

Millikin Library Discovery result for an I-Share item

Requesting I-Share Items

I-Share is a collection of around 90 academic libraries across Illinois and a great way to get books and other materials quickly. The best way to find I-Share items to borrow is to select All I-Share Libraries as your search option in Millikin Library Discovery.

I-Share search box

When you find an item that looks interesting, click on the title. In the How to get it section of the page you can see all of the I-Share libraries that own the item. To see more details about a library's copy and if it is available click on the library's name. Click I-Share to request the item.

I-Share request option and library name highlighted in book record

At the request screen you will see the information about the item and you can select where you would like to pick up the item (probably Millikin University, but you can select any other I-Share library if that is more convenient for you). The system will check if there is a copy of the book available to borrow. If there is, click the Send Request button when you are ready.

I-Share request screen with pickup location and send request highlighted

A green message will appear letting you know that your request has been submitted. 

request submitted dialog window

You will receive an email, typically in 3-4 business days, when the item is available for pickup at the Library Services Desk.

If the I-Share system is not able to find an available copy, you will see a notice that there are "No items currently available through I-Share." At this point you can search for the item using WorldCat, or you can email or call 217-424-6214 for assistance.

Library of Congress Classification

When you search in Millikin Library Discovery to find out if a book is available for you to check out you can see that information directly from the results screen or you can click on the title and look at the Get It part of the page. There you will see if the book is available or out of the library and you can see the location and the call number (where the book is located on the shelf). Ebooks will have a link to the book in the View Online part of the page.

For paper books you can either write down the location and call number or you can send that information to your yourself using the email option. If you are logged into Millikin Library Discovery you can click on the pushpin to save the item to your favorites.

availability information for a paper book

The call numbers at Staley Library are assigned using the Library of Congress classification system. This system assigns the letters and numbers based on the book's subject matter.

Reading Call Numbers

Reading a call number takes a little practice, so here is an example using the book Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky.

In the online catalog the number for this book is listed as HM851 .S5465 2008

H is the class for the 'social sciences' and HM is specifically for 'sociology.' The range HM831-901 covers 'social change.'

Here is how the numbers will look on the book on the shelf along with an explanation of how to find the book:

Example of a Library of Congress Classification number