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IN151 - CWRR II - Gilpin: Research

Research resources and techniques for Professor Gilpin's IN151 class

Search Engines

In addition to popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, there are other ways of searching the web that provide different features and may return different results.

Searching Tips

With online search tools it is generally better to search using keywords rather than entire sentences. For example, "electric cars AND cost" rather than "Why are electric cars so expensive?".

Use "OR" to connect synonyms and find more results.

Use "AND" to connect keywords and find more specific results.

Look for ways to limit your results to just the articles, websites, or books that you are looking for. For example, in Millikin's Online Catalog use the facets on the right to narrow your search to a particular location or topic.

Internet Resources

Online resources that can be helpful as you do your research.