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TH141 - Acting One: Drama Texts Collection

A guide for acting one (TH141) students to find a monologue by post-1950 American playwrights.

Finding Plays and Monologues using the Drama Texts Collection Database

Accessing the Database

1.  Start out at the library’s homepage,

2.  Click on the link for “Find Articles, Audio, Video, and Images” under the Research section of the homepage.

or click on the “Staley Library Databases” link in

MyMillikin Library Databases Icon

3.  That will take you to the database page. Under “Databases by Subject” click on Theatre.

4.  The Drama Texts Collections will be listed in the "Play/Script Resources" list, click on it.

Here’s the main page of the database:

Drama Texts Collection homepage

The collection's search function is broken up into two parts: 

  • Browsing, so that you can browse lists of what is available by title, playwright, genre, or subject.

Browse options

  • And a search/advanced search portion which allows you to do searches for specific plays, authors, etc.

Drama Texts Collection search box


Advanced Searching in Drama Texts Collection

1. To search for a monologue and play in this database, click on "Menu."

Drama Texts Collection menu option

Then, click "Disciplines- Music & Performing Arts- Theatre."

Disciplines- Music & Performing Arts- Theatre

2. On the next screen, click "Advanced Search."

Theatre advanced search

You will see the following search form:

NATO advanced search option

Since you need to find a monologue that fits the age range 16 - 25, we can start by doing a search for a play with characters that meet your requirements.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the advanced search screen until you see "Person Details." Click "Show Person."

Show Person

NATO person details

Select the gender you'd like to represent.

4. Click on "Show Occupation"

NATO occupation options

Click "Select All" to uncheck all the options. Then browse the occupation options and choose an occupation(s) from the list someone your age might do, or that you're interested in. (For example, "scholar," or "actor")

5. Click "Show Nationality" and/or "Show Race" and select the options you desire.

NATO nationality and race options

6. Scroll upwards until you see the date limit options below. If your monologue needs to be after 1950, type in 1950-2020 (or current year) into the date written/released boxes.

     NATO date limit options

7. Scroll further up to see the option labeled "Character/Role."

NATO character/role option

Click on "Select terms," to the right of the search box. Scroll through the options and select any that seem relevant (for example, "student" and "students"). Click "Add Terms."

NATO role options

8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Search." A list of results that meet your criteria will come up.

NATO search results

9. Look on the left side of the screen for the section labeled "Refine Your Search." Under "Format," click "Text." Under "Content Type," click "Play."

NATO refine search options

10. Click on the linked play titles to find out more about the play and its characters.

Other things to try:

*Do a keyword search on the main screen.

*Browse by people, plays, genres, etc. (below the search box on the main page) and see what you can find!

*Select one of the specific play collections on the main Drama Texts Collection screen (for example, Asian American Drama, Black Drama, etc.) and browse contents.

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