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Children's Literature: Challenged Books

A guide to assist in locating and researching children's and young adult literature.

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Most Frequently Challenged Books, 2020 @ Staley Library

The American Library Association (ALA) keeps statistics on and creates lists of challenged books and authors. Books for children and young adults often comprise the majority of these lists.

The following books for (or often read by) children and young adults are on the list of the 10 Most Frequent Challenged Books of 2021:

Databases for Researching Banned Books

Other resources useful in researching banned books include these databases (try searching by book title and/or author's name, and include the words "challenged," "banned," or "controversy" in your search): 

Useful Websites for Dealing with Book Challenges

Many organizations and individual authors provide assistance for teachers and librarians to deal with book challenges:

Authors Discuss Challenges to their Books

Also, try looking for the author's official website, on YouTube, or other online publications. Many authors will comment when their books are censored.

Example: Author Stephen Chbosky commenting on challenges to his book "The Perks of Being a Wallflower."

Authors Discuss Challenges to their Books

Author John Green discusses challenges to his book "Looking for Alaska."

Researching Banned/Challenged Books @ Staley Library

Staley Library owns many books exploring the reasons behind and history of book censorship, including the following (remember, Ref. in call numbers indicates a book in the reference collection):

Issues Related to Book Banning/Challenges

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