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Interlibrary Loan: Requesting Book Chapters with ILLiad

A how-to guide to requesting materials through Staley Library's interlibrary loan service.

Finding Book Chapters

There are several ways to discover book chapters that would be helpful for your research. One is to discover a chapter in a reference list, like the example below.

citation for a bok chapter

You may also find a book that is of interest in the I-Share catalog. If you don't want to request the entire book, you can use look that the Table of Contents for the book the to determine a chapter that is of particular interest. Scroll down to the Contents section under Details after clicking on a book title in Millikin Library Discovery. This works especially well for edited scholarly books, like the example below.

Table of contents for a book

Google Books is another way to find book chapters. Google Books offers a limited preview to almost all the books in their collection, which should encompass most of the book at Millikin and in I-Share. The preview often includes the table to contents, which will provide the citation information that you need to make an interlibrary loan request for the chapter.

Google Books showing table of contents

Requesting a Book Chapter with ILLiad

Begin a request for a book chapter by accessing your ILLiad account. (You may need to create an account if you have not used ILLiad before. See instructions.)

Once you have logged in, look for the Book Chapter link under "New Requests."

book chapter request option highlighted in the ILLiad menu

Provide as much citation information for your article as possible. The following items are required:

  • Book title
  • Chapter title and/or Page numbers

The following items are not required, but are very helpful to have:

  • Book author/editor
  • Chapter author
  • Publisher
  • Year
  • ISBN

Check to make sure that the request looks correct and then click "Submit Request."

ILLiad book chapter request form populated with sample information

Just as with ILLiad article requests, all book chapter requests are received electronically and you will get an email to your Millikin email when they are available.