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MU455 - Vocal Pedagogy: Finding Books

A guide for students in MU455 researching topics related to vocal pedagogy.

Vocal Pedagogy @ Staley Library

In the Library of Congress system, books about music topics are given an "ML" call number. Music education topics are given an "MT" call number.

All books with "ML" and "MT" call numbers are located on the 2nd floor.

  • ML 385 - 429 (Biographies)
  • ML 430 - 458 (Works about composition and performance)
  • ML 1400 - 3275 (Works of history and criticism of vocal music)
    • ML 1460 - 1554 (Works on vocal technique and choral music)
    • ML 1600 - 2881 (Works on secular vocal music)
    • ML 2900 - 3275 (Worlks on sacred vocal music)
  • MT 17 (Music in special education)
  • MT 18 (Music in colleges & universities)
  • MT 20-34 (Systems & methods of music education)
  • MT 75 (Interpretation- phrasing, dynamics, articulation, etc.)
  • MT88 (Instruction of vocal groups)
  • MT 150 (Music theory for children)
  • MT 820 - 915 (Singing and vocal technique)
    • MT 821 (Physiology & care of the voice)
    • MT823 (History of vocal instruction & study)
    • MT 825 (Systems & methods of singing/vocal technique)
    • MT855 - 884 (Specific techniques of singing- breath control, tone production, pronunciation, etc.)
    • MT 885 (Studies & exercises)
    • MT 892 (Interpretation, phrasing, expression, etc. in singing)
    • MT 898 (Vocal techniques for children)
  • MT 918 - 945 (School music, k-high school)
  • RF 460 - 547 (Laryngology, diseases of the throat)

Catalog Search Box

Search for books, articles, media, & more...


Advanced Search

Finding Books about Music Educators

1)  First, navigate to the link for Millikin's Online Catalog (on the Staley Library website):

Screen shot of online catalog link on library homepage

2)  When searching for books about a music educator or their pedagogical theory, start by typing in their last name into the search box. If it is a common last name, you may wish to type in the first AND last names, or, type in the name of their technique or theory in quotation marks. Click "Find."


  • "Alexander technique"
  • "Feldenkrais method"
  • "Fach system"

Catalog search box

Or, if you wish to find books by a particular music educator, search for their name using the "author" (instead of the "keyword") limit:


  • Richard Miller
  • David Blair McClosky
  • Berton Coffin
  • William Vennard

Screen shot of online catalog author search

3)  Because Staley Library owns many music scores and recordings, and you are looking specifically for books (or perhaps DVDs), you will want to filter out the non-book results. On the right side of the screen, under "Narrow Your Search" click the option "Book" under the subheading "Format."

Screen shot limiting to books in catalog

4)  You may have e-Book results, which may or may not be helpful (many of the HathiTrust e-Books are older, public domain books). If you wish to filter out the e-Books and only view results for print books, on the right side of the screen, under "Narrow Your Search" click the option "Book Stacks" under the subheading "Location."

Screen shot of limiting to print books

5)  Your results will be listed below the search box. Check for the availability of the book (in the example below, the green "Available") and note the call number. (Call numbers are how our books are organized and are discussed in further detail on a sub-page of this guide, under the "Finding Books" tab.)

Screen shot of catalog search results

6)  Sometimes you may not be sure from the title of the book why it was retrieved in your list of results.

If this is the case, click on the title of the book, then click on the Table of Contents or the More Details tab. On your keyboard, hit Ctrl + F, and type your search term in the small box that appears at the bottom of your browser. Click "next" too see where the term is highlighted on your screen (in the example below, "Alexander technique" is found in the summary of the video under More Details).

Screen shot of Ctrl + F

Screen shot of more details tab in online catalog

Finding Books about Other Vocal Pedagogy Topics

1)  First, navigate to the link for Millikin's Online Catalog (on the Staley Library website):

Millikin's Library Catalog

2)  When searching for books about a vocal pedagogy-related topic (for example, voice disorders), start by typing in the term or a short phrase describing the topic into the search box. Click "Enter."

Millikin Library Discovery search for voice disorders

Search terms that may be useful for finding books on these types of topics include:

  • singing instruction and study
  • singing methods
  • singing interpretation
  • singing vocational guidance
  • singing diction
  • singing studies and exercises
  • performance practice (music)
  • style, musical
  • voice
  • voice care and hygiene
  • voice culture
  • vocal registers
  • voice disorders
  • voice, change of
  • speech physiology
  • musicians, wounds and injuries
  • phonetics
  • disability
  • special education

3)  Since you are looking for books, not music scores or recordings, limit your search results to books by clicking on "Books" under "Resource Type."

Resource Type- Books

4)  Look at your search results and make note of availability and call number of the items you are interested in.

Search results

To learn more about any particular title, click on the title of the book and take a look at "Contents" and the "Details" section.

5) You may have to expand your search to "All I-Share Libraries," to learn more about searching I-Share and requesting items through interlibrary loan, click on the link for the "Interlibrary Loan" page on this guide (under "Finding Books").

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