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MH316/IN350- Introduction to Ethnomusicology: Home

A guide to researching ethnomusicology at Staley Library.


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Ethnomusicology @ Staley Library


For your "Music Diplomacy Project," you will select an organization of your choice that engages with the United States and address:

  • What are the mission, activities, and history of the organization? What global issue does it use music to address? Who are its audiences?
  • How and why does this organization engage in music diplomacy? For example, do its participants engage in nation-branding, concert diplomacy, protest music, or some combination?
  • For what democratic values does this organization advocate?
  • What are the ethical stakes surrounding this organization: what are "both sides" of its mission? With which ethical stake or "side" do you align most closely and why?
  • How effective is this organization in achieving its goals?

You will need at least one scholarly source to support your research for this project.

Music Diplomacy @ Staley Library

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