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MH316/IN350- Introduction to Ethnomusicology: Finding Books

A guide to researching ethnomusicology at Staley Library.


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Finding Books about Ethnomusicology

1)  First, navigate to the link for Millikin's Online Catalog (on the Staley Library website):

Millikin's Library Catalog

2)  When searching for books on ethnomusicology topics at Staley Library, try one or more of these search terms in the catalog search box:

  • Ethnomusicology
  • Popular music - social aspects
  • Music AND culture
  • Music AND "country name" (for example: music AND Brazil)
  • Music AND "culture name" or "ethnic group name") (for example: music AND Zulu)
  • Search for the genre/style of music you are interested in: folk music, hip-hop, reggae music, rock music, rap music, underground dance music, Christian rock music, country music, disco music, jazz, chamber music, etc.

Millkin Library Discovery search for "music" and "Brazil"

 Click the search icon or hit "Enter."

3)  Because Staley Library owns many music scores and recordings, and you are looking specifically for books, you will want to filter out the non-book results. On the left side of the screen, under "Tweak Your Results" click the option "Books" under the subheading "Resource Type."

Resource Type- Books

4)  You may have e-Book results, which may or may not be helpful (many of the HathiTrust e-Books are older, public domain books). If you wish to filter out the e-Books and only view results for print books, on the left side of the screen, under "Tweak Your Results" click the option "Book Stacks" under the subheading "Location." If you do want to see only e-Book options, instead click on "Availability- Available Online."

Location- Book Stacks

5)  Your results will be listed below the search box. Check for the availability of the book (in the example below, the green "Available") and the call number. (Call numbers are discussed in further detail on a sub-page of this guide, under the "Finding Books" tab.)

Search results

6)  Sometimes you may not be sure from the title of the book why it was retrieved in your list of results.

If this is the case, click on the title of the book, then click on "Details." Look for the search term(s) to be highlighted in yellow on your screen (in the example below, "Brazil" is found in one of the chapter titles for the book in its Table of Contents).

Table of contents

Other Tips

  • You may wish to browse the library's books about music in various cultures (these call numbers are in the book stacks on the 2nd floor):
    • ML3549 - 3370: North America
    • ML3572 - 3575: Central & South America
    • ML3580 - 3730: Europe
    • ML3740 - 3758: Asia
    • ML3760 - 3769: Africa
    • ML3770 - 3774: Australia, Oceania, etc.
    • ML3776: Jewish Secular Music
    • ML3796 - 3799: Ethnomusicology

Examples of Ethnomusicology Books @ Staley Library

Ask MUlibrarian

Music Diplomacy Keywords

Helpful keywords/search terms for you music diplomacy project:

  • Music and diplomacy
  • Cultural diplomacy
  • Music - Political aspects
  • Arts and diplomacy
  • United States cultural policy and music
  • United States foreign relations and music
  • Music in intercultural communication
  • Performing organizations and diplomacy
  • <Specific type of music> and diplomacy
    • Rap music and diplomacy
    • Jazz and diplomacy
    • Opera and diplomacy
  • <Specific type of music> and foreign relations
    • Jazz and foreign relations
    • Gospel music and foreign relations
  • <Specific name of organization>
    • Jazz ambassadors
    • NextLevel
    • Silk Road Ensemble
  • <Specific era, culture, religion, country, region, etc.>
    • Cold War
    • Soviet Union
    • Eastern Europe
    • Islam
    • France
    • Asia

These can be combined in various ways. For example: "Cold War" and "Music" and "Diplomacy"